Ready for Submission?

Ready for Submission?

Hi, I have included the GUID, compiled and tested with ATDS.. Plesae find below the message I got..Does this mean that my app is fine and ready for submision? Please confirm. [Initialize:11112103-0791-3432-3016-081304021846:request] Version=0.91;APILevel=1 [Initialize:11112103-0791-3432-3016-081304021846:response] Status=0 [IsAuthorised:00007285-4352-0140-0582-066106446664:request] Version=0.91;ApplicationUUID=5a2d412d-73a3-4593-a301-b0424aeeb7e1 [IsAuthorised:00007285-4352-0140-0582-066106446664:response] Token= b86f53c0-0f97-4ac4-b3ea-b56c7573bf9f 214123 bab7f0c8b84e19c3962d49f853a38a9277586ad33d1f7753cfa6fe35f303f31e 2009-10-05 15:53:42Z 2009-10-31 15:53:42Z And the Return value of the IsAuthorised call is: ADP_NOT_AUTHORIZED Regards, Praveen
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>> And the Return value of the IsAuthorised call is: ADP_NOT_AUTHORIZED

did you try compiling with the DEBUG application UUID? it should return ADP_AUTHORIZED if everything is ok :)

// Aaron Ardiri
Mobile 1UP

Yeo I got Authorized with Debug ID...

The above msg was recoeved when DBug ID is replaced with GUID.

Usin your GUID will result in a Not Authorized message until next year when the App Store goes live. This is the expected behavior and allows you to test the authorization failure n your application code.

Hi Brian,

As per your statement the app is fine and we get NotAuthoized msg since app store is not live. If so why was this app rejected from Intel Engineers? It woud be of great help to entire Dev community if they share the exact reason for rejecting the app during validation and just just sharing the links. I have tested again and found there is no issues.

Rejection Reason: ILU03 - Application launch

AE’s Comments: Application does not appear to be compiled with the beta SDK. Please see for more information on how to make sure your app is ready to submit.

Can any of Intel Engineers who are part of Validation team address my query?

Awaiting for your speedy reply at the earlest.



From my experience this message:

"AE’s Comments: Application does not appear to be compiled with the beta SDK. "

Means that you have either:

1.) Left the Debug GUID in place, rather than the GUID assigned to your application
2.) Forgotten to call the authorization methods in the SDK prior to loading the GUI

Please let me know if I can help you further.

Hi Brian,

I will recheck and post you back the results.


Hi Brian,

We have ensured both the things.

We have NOT left Debug GUID.
We have NOT forgotten to call Authorize methods.

Clearly, there might be something wrong in the validation process. Plz help us out.



I suggest that first you test your installer on a clean install of WIndows XP SP3. Run the installer and see if you can reproduce the error that the tester observed.

Yep. I will test as per your recomendation and post the results back ASAP.

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