what is the use of signal.h header file

what is the use of signal.h header file

What is the use of including signal.h header file? The SDK enables the developer to develop Applications and Components and Application intercommunicate with Components to achieve the application purpose and there are APIs to enable crash reporting and instrumentation etc. Why you had to use signal.h because then you are interfacing with the Win32 O/S but is there really a need to interface with the O/S?
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Please post the example code you see which is including signal.h.

One can see the inclusion of the header file signal.h in the .c file "AdvancedApp.c"

Location is "\Program Files\Intel\Intel Atom Developer Program SDK\0.91\Samples\c\AdvancedApp\AdvancedApp.c"


This is merely an example from Intel. I have several applications which do not include that header. Are you using some methods from this header in your entry? If it is causing you some compiler issues please post them and I will review.

I am not having any issues from including signal.h header file

but when Intel ATOM SDK does include everything that a SDK must have why do you include signal.h header file again.

I believe that is simply an example, and not a requirement. Perhaps they will modify the example in the future. Nice discovery.


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