Download App Store Beta -> AppUp

Download App Store Beta -> AppUp

Have a look, very nice beta:
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Happy day Dev ! It is best software. Thanks.

Seems like the old Trolltech Qt toolkit has come a long way.

Are most of the controls used in AppUp standard UI controls found in the Qt Developer framework, or are they modified by Intel's development team?

Will be downloading the Qt toolkit, I know I call it Qt toolkit because am used to it from the day's of KDevelop on KDE based linux.

Hi Shelvin,

We cannot comment on this.
The development of the AppUp(SM) is known to the internal development team only and not to be made available to the public.


Intel® Technical Support
Intel® Atom™ Developer Program Team
Intel® AppUp(SM) Beta Center

DG Rooven


Brain it great and I am really thankfull to you for providing this userfull link.

Intel can think of putting the same on the homepage or in sell section.


Anyone been able to launch it under Vista? When I try it just sits there at the splash screen. Runs great under XP.

Hey Brian, Thanks for the link.. I am unable to launch on my laptop with XP

I am unable to run on XP as well.

It is giving error "Oops! something weird happaned and we couldn't complete your request. Please try again. If you continue to get this error please contact support"

Can you tell me if anything needs to be done?


It runs well for me on an XP and Windows Server 2003 machines without the ATOM SDK installed.

It will not run on my Vista machines with the ATOM SDK installed. I cannot figure it out, but I am sure Intel will chime in with a fix shortly.

EDIT: I did find this in the install folder:

System Requirements

The Intel® Services Manager 1.1 runs on Windows* and Linux* operating systems. The following operating systems are supported in this release:

* Windows* XP Service Pack 3 operating system.
* Windows* Vista Ultimate operating system.
* Windows* 7 Build 7600 operating system.
* Moblin 2.1 Linux* distribution Compliant.

Ok let me try to install SDK version 2 will revert back to you soon.

I had to install Dot Net 3.5 Service Pack 1 to make it work. Stock 3.5 wasn't enough.

I also found myself. ;)

Hey, Finally I was able to install... Portal Looks cool :)

SP1 was also the cure for me. Very well designed UI.

Windows Vista is not supported, as there is no Netbook bundled with it. Only Windows XP and Windows 7 are supported.

sp1 and update installed. vista ultimate. beta 2 sdk uninstalled, loading screen only, then reinstalled. still wont work. it just sits there on the loading screen. any suggestions?

Even though the underlying platform accepts it (Intel Service Manager), the AppUp application doesn't.

ahhh thank you Diego :)

Hello All,

Q. What operating systems are officially supported by the Intel AppUp Center Beta?

A. The Intel AppUp Center Beta is available in a Microsoft* Windows version with a Moblin version coming soon. The Microsoft* Windows version is compatible with Windows XP Home SP3, Windows 7 Starter Edition , Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows 7 Home Premium. For Moblin, versions 2.0 and 2.1 of the OS will be supported when released. At this time only English versions of operating systems are supported.

Please see here for Intel AppUp Center Beta FAQs:

Best Regards,

Hal G.

Intel® Atom™ Developer Program

"The Intel AppUp Center Beta is available ... with a Moblin version coming soon."

Sorry to spoil the party, but ... are we talking about days, weeks, months, ...?


While registering, we do not have option to select India... Does it mean, Inidan customers are not welcomed?

I found FAQs, Known Issues list, discussions and much more about AppUp at

Hello Praveen,

you can find answer to your question at this forum

So when will be the appup ready for rest of the world??

They would have allowed rest of the world to register and download free and only US customers can buy instead of the current setup. It's sad that we are not included in this success :(


Most of the posts from the folks at Intel say the beginning of 2010. I would imagine sometime before this Summer, we have some time to enhance our entries and add a few more before the big launch.


Being that it is still a Beta there are many aspects that are sure to change about not only the binary but the business process as well. I think we have all found that a degree of patience and flexibility is needed for this great opportunity. Hang in there, everything will sort itself out. Feedback here in the forum is one avenue to effect change.

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