How long?

How long?

How long it'll take for binary validation process? I submit my application on Wednesday! It's still in binary validation.
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The time required for an application depends upon many factors:

1.) The complexity of the entry being validated
2.) The testers workload
3.) General scheduling (Holidays, CES, etc.)

I have had some applications take 3 days and others nearly 2 weeks. All we can do is wait and be ready to correct any issues that may arise. With CES taking place, the ATOM team is surely extremely busy. They even launched the Beta App Store for us :

Thank you Brian,

One More Question,

What are the process they do on validation?

At first my application go through Binary validation.
Now it shows Validation in process!

Hi Dinesh,

When the Binary Validation completes it will go to Meta Validation.

You can refer to this url for more details on validation process :


Next it should show Binary Validation Complete, Meta Validation Started, Published, and finally Meta Only Submission Started.

They are working on validating it now, congratulations.

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