Problem with application download on the App Store

Problem with application download on the App Store

Congratulations on the AppUp launch. It looks pretty cool!!!! At baKno games we submitted four games, three of them already accepted. I created a personal account to try out the App Store and was able to purchase all 3 games available. However I was able to run only two of them. The third one called "Solitaire" seems to fully download but then an error happens and the application never starts. The actual error message is as follows: "Oops! Something weird heppened and we couldn't complete your request. Please try again. If you continue to get this error, please contact support". I tried several times, always receiving the same error at the end of the download. Please help! Thank you
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What OS are you testing on?
Are you testing on a development machine or a fresh test machine?
Does your MSI have dependencies that are downloaded from the Internet silently?

Basic questions but perhaps they will lead you to an answer. Unfortunately the ATOM Exception Logging does not help us here.

Best of luck

Hello Brian

We are testing on our Netbook WinXP machine. This is not a development machine, but we have used it to test our builds against the Debug app.

Our MSI does not have dependencies silently downloaded. Everything is included on the MSI itself. The MSI was built the same way the other two apps were built, and they run fine.


Maybe the first try then you download your application was unsuccessfull and then you try to download your application again AppUp does't download it from the Internet and trys to launch already downloaded (cached) version.

In any case - debug log for AppUp (even in beta stage) will be helpful.

Hello dmitry

Thank you for your suggestion. I don't think that is the case because everytime the App Store shows a downloading progress bar and it takes quite some time to download the game.

Maybe this is a dumb suggestion... Try to find download location using FileMon and after your application will be downloaded compare distributive with distributive you was upload via Dashboard.

Thanks again Dmitry

Unfortunately I am ignorant and I don't understand your suggestion. If possible please give me a little details on the instructions. Otherwise, don't worry I will ask someone here with Windows development expertise.

Here is an utility called Process Monitor (from Mark Russinovich)

It can shows you file system activity for any process. You need to monitor Intel.Store.Client.UI.exe process activity (using filter button).


His recommendation is excellent. FileMon has been discontinued (, however Process Monitor ( is available.

Process Explorer may also be of debugging use to you:

Thank you again guys.

Today we checked the store client on a second XP system (not a Netbook), and the same download worked fine. Must be something related to the first system. And actually, in that first system the runATDS.bat file does not work anymore. Any thoughts?


Great to hear. Did you try to uninstall and re-install the SDK? There is a dependency on CRT Runtime (8.0 I think), that might be your trouble

Thank you Brian

I uninstalled the SDK, then tried the download again but the error persists, I even uninstalled the Appstore client and installed it again but no success.

Do you suggest not to have both the SDK and the Client on the same computer?

Hi everybody...

I also tried everything on Vista. But the error persists.

Working really fine on Windows7.

>> Do you suggest not to have both the SDK and the Client on the same computer?

I have not run into an incompatibility yes. Many are looking forward to a future App Store update that includes error logging to assist in tracing these types of issues.

>> I also tried everything on Vista. But the error persists.

If you are referring to the App Store beta, it is not compatible with Vista.

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