How to start

How to start

Hello everyone .... Im new to intel atom :) But i'll be more than happy to develop apps for atom environment . All i need your help to start from scratch . I need to know how to setup my sdk test apps and where to code and wat to code Can i just use visual c++ 2008 and just add atom's header file to compile my app . Will it be same as developing for any other window platform . I'll be posting more questions :D Regards Hardik (lonewolfaka9)
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You need to include the library files & include files of ATOM with VC++ 2008.

& Need to include the headers & Application ID in debug mode.

Then as well as you need to code it in either C or C++.

Please follow the book provided with the ATOM SDK.


Also will it be possible to use all the other c/c++ libraries which are comes with visual 2008

Like if i create UI with visual studio 2008 then will it work for atom .

Thanks for ur reply

regards hardik

Here is you can find a lot of information about development process -

In a few words you need:
- develop application (same as developing for any other window platform)
- get GUID from your dashboard
- download and install SDK
- integrate SDK in to your project using generated GUID for release version (you can use VS2008, all you need is just to include SDK headers and libraries)
- pack your application into MSI installer
- test your application localy
- upload your application via dashboard

thanks for reply

One last question before i begun . If i want to upload few apps on store . what can be possible content for it . like im an iphone developer and any thing funny works for iphone user
But i dont have any clue regarding atom based machine . what they'll be actully used for :(


You can add your applications to the following categories

Personal Productivity

Using AppUp - you can list already submitted applications << this article seems not working is their any chances for java development :)


Try this link
I think they forget to update a link after article was moved

thanks a tonn

Also like c/c++ app can i upload apps made in java programming languages to store :P

like in c/cpp i have to include file wat bout java :-??

Welcome, these may help as well:

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have here, as there are many experienced developers willing to lend a hand.

thanks a tonn hope so i'll be out with some small app for sure ..

just is their any way to find hardware specification of atom based netbook like screen display and capabilities


Here you will find the requirements to pass validation on screen size and much more:

4.4 Application User Interface/Experience Criteria – UIX

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