Application Link Error

Application Link Error

Now I have added Atom SDK into my C++ program. The C++ compile is ok. But there were errors in link. The ADP's lib is conflict to libmctd.lib. There were many library functions that were reported as redefined. My program compiled by MFC C++ in Visual Sudio C++ 2008. I tried to ignore libmctd.lib but it left several unresolved function in link. Another problem is that ADP C++ default compiled is not in UNICODE that caused conflict in my program for some functions. Any solutions?
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Please post your linker errors so we can review. Thank you.

This has been resolved after reading your FAQ. I replaced MFC static link and then used MFC dynamic dll link. But I have to redistribute a big MFC's dll.


Yes, while not convenient it does work. I believe there are many improvements to the SDK coming in the next release. Best of luck.

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