ADP_Initialize() succeeds, ADP_IsAuthorized() gets ADP_FAILURE

ADP_Initialize() succeeds, ADP_IsAuthorized() gets ADP_FAILURE

Hello, So, I am working the Intel Atom SDK into an app I have. I already worked through a bunch of linking problems. Now, as the subject says, I can initialize alright. However, I cannot authorize. I am using the debug app ID, as follows: if (( ret_code = ADP_IsAuthorized( ADP_DEBUG_APPLICATIONID )) == ADP_AUTHORIZED ) And, ret_code gets ADP_FAILURE result. Now, this is right after calling Initialize. I have executed the StartATDS.bat batch file from the Start menu, as well as opened a command prompt and executed it from there. The docs don't say much about this return code, other than "Other failure e.g., memory, file, communication.". The rest of the app runs without this authorization code. As you can tell I am using the C API, although it is a C++ app (based on WATL and also DirectX). I had to change linking to use the multi threaded Debug DLL (previously static linked). This is Windows XP. THis was originally an App that was built with VS 2003, it is native code and the upgrade to VS 2008 went seamlessly. Although, it did not add some manifest settings, which caused lots of head scratching, until I figured it out. What am I doing wrong that won't allow the app to be authorized? Am I missing something? The SDK Developer Guide indicates that all I need to do is turn on the StartATDS.bat and then pass in the ADP_DEBUG_APPLICATIONID constant. I am probably missing something obvious... Thanks for your help. Paul Perry
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Just FYI, this problem still exists, and I installed the SDK today.


Please ensure that you do not have the ATOM SDK and the AppUp client installed on the referenced computer.


A few things to check:

1.) What is in the output window of the ATDS application when you try to authorize? It should verbose information containing the debug guid.
2.) Are you using the latest version of the ATOM SDK?

Your authorization code does look correct, let's see what your reply is to the above questions.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your quick response (again!).

> 1.) What is in the output window of the ATDS application when you try to authorize? It should verbose information containing the debug guid.

Hmmm, I do not get any output window. On looking into this further (from a cmd prompt), I note runATDS.bat starts iADP_ATDS.exe. When I run it directly, I am just returned to the command prompt. No messages, nothing. When I type runATDS.bat it flashes a cmd window which then goes away immediately.

After running iADP_ATDS.exe I tried running the AdpHelloWorld.exe file I saw in the same directory, and it displays "Not authorized to run". So, it sounds like this iADP_ATDS.exe is not starting correctly. I tried it with the AppUp client running in the background, but that does not make any difference (not that it should, there is nothing that says the AppUp client should be running).

> 2.) Are you using the latest version of the ATOM SDK?

Well, I just downloaded it friday (1/15). And, it seems to identify itself as version .91 indicating from where it was installed.

c:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Atom Developer Program SDK\0.91\bin

Any ideas? Thanks,


Well the answer is apparent, now lets fix it.

The problem is that you are starting ATDS but it is exiting, hence the error the API is returning.

The solution depends upon the following results:

Please start a new command prompt (Start -> Run ->CMD.EXE, then click OK). From within that command prompt, navigate to the folder that runATDS.bat resides in. Now simply type "runATDS.bat" and press enter. We have effectively created a command prompt which will not rudely close on us instantly. Now, what do you see as a result in that command prompt?


I really get nothing. Actually runATDS.bat does open a new window, even if already in a command prompt (that is what Start does). But, that new one opens and closes immediately.

If I type iADP_ATDS.exe from the command prompt, I am returned to the command prompt with no messages at all. In example:

c:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Atom Developer Program SDK\0.91\bin>iADP_ATDS.exe

c:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Atom Developer Program SDK\0.91\bin>

So, the question is what does iADP_ATDS.exe need to run. It is not providing any information as to why it is exiting.

If you installed the AppUp client ,Uninstall it and Try again.I noted that the "iADP_ATDS.exe " doesn't work correctly if the AppUp client is installed
on the same machine .

It could be a conflict with another CRT Runtime or the AppUp client. Try uninstalling the AppUp solution and re-installing the ATOM SDK if possible.

Thanks Brian and mahmoudgalal....

Looks like uninstalling the AppUp client allows iADP_ATDS.exe to run, and I can see the app being authorized.

I'm not sure if it is the order I installed it in (I installed the client first, followed by Windowos SP3 followed by the Intel AppUp SDK).

Anyway, I'm back in dev mode.

Many Thanks.

Great to hear, thank you for the feedback.

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