Building Prism Web App RPM for Moblin

Building Prism Web App RPM for Moblin

Hi, We have two web based applications ( & hosted on our servers and we are offering these two products on behalf of mobile service provider also. We want to make them available as Prism Web Apps so that they can be distributed as part of Moblin. According to our understanding, we have to create two Web App Bundles (as per the instructions provided) for that and submit to Moblin. When launched, the bundle will call the corresponding application URL to load our application as a web page. And from then on, the user will be navigating from one page another, just like in a browser. Hence, there is no need to change anything with our application files hosted on our servers. We need a confirmation on this. Can you please confirm it and share if any additional information if you have to share. Regards, Praveen
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I have yet to create a Prism Web App for AppUp, as such I do not have any detailed instructions. Your questions seems more geared towards validation. What I can offer is that you review the Developer Guidelines ( and Validation Guidelines in great detail ( If after comparing them to your Prism application you feel it will pass, try it.

Since the ATOM Developer Program is still in Beta, there are many unknowns for everyone. You may actually benefit the community by giving this a try. If you come up with any technical questions on Prism implementation I am happy to help.

@ Brain,

is MSI packaging possible? If so, please share the steps on the same.


There is a wealth of information on MSI creation here in the community:

If you run into a problem please let me know.

Hi Brian,

Thanks For the Help.

We are the final phase of sdk interfacing using Prism. First we are working on rpm and upon success, we are planning to got for msi too.

Do you have any code on sdk interfacing it mght eaze our efforts.


No, sorry. I do not work with Prism much. What part are you having trouble with?

HI Brian,

Since the app is web based, how to interface the app with SDK? The app is developed using Java (JSP)
Creating Prism has been done without much issue.



The main application which implements the ATOM SDK is Java? If so, Java is not a supported language at this time. Please keep and eye on this page for updates on supported languages:


While I have not created a Prism application, this link may offer some answers.

Hi Brian,

I got to know the details from the forum and I had some queries for which I had posted the same in this forum and aswell sent a private mail to Kent Liu and posted the same as a comment. But as of now I have not recieved any eply from Kent Liu

Hi Praveen,

Please note if you have any queries regarding the IADP we recommend that you post your comment on the forum or use the contact us form to get through to the support team.

If you are initiating private contacts with other Intel® representative to raise your issue then in general it is difficult for us to follow up the issue unless that person comes to us internally or they help you directly with your query.

We cannot guarantee that private contacts with other Intel® representative will be answered all the times and we cannot chase the person to reply to you either.

If you want to contact us about any issues, please use the contact us form.


Intel® Atom™ Developer Program Team.

DG Rooven

Perhaps this how-to video may be of some help.

Thanks Brain for sharing the link..... Plz clarify me on the query I had asked to plan my next process.

Roovan, I agree to your point, but I never see anyone from Intel attending the technical issues and helping developers to fix the issues/bottlenecks. It's always Brian who Voluntarily help the felow developers. This indicates that if brian stops taking his interest, the forum will be a orphan!!!

Hello Praveen,

over the past months we have solved countless questions raised in this forum.
And indeed Brian gives excellent technical help and is a key contributor of the IADP.

Please understand that the Support Team of the Intel® Atom™ Developer Program will not assist developers to fix their code or remove bugs in their own software projects. In order to give developers a way to help eachother we have created this forum and it works quite well so far.

Best Regards,

Andre B.

Intel® Atom™ Developer Program

Sure I will post my query..

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