Redeem code for AppUp store?

Redeem code for AppUp store?

Thanks to everybody's help here, I was able to get my app submitted. I have been digging around My Dashboard, and looking for a way to get Redeem codes to test out my app, now that it has been published. I can't seem to find it. Am I missing something, or is this not available? If not, is the only way to "try it out" to buy it ourselves? Thanks, Paul
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You do not have to purchase it. You want to Beta Test it for free. Have a look at these resources for the information you seek:

Many Thanks Brian. I was looking for the wrong thing. That's probably why no hits came up when I searched for redeem code.

I appreciate the pointers.


No problem. You gave me a new keyword to add to my blog post on beta testing. Thank you as well.

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