Director exe files

Director exe files

I have a number of Applications that I've created using Adobe Director. I've generated runtime exe files that run perfectly on a wide variety of netbooks. The programs also require access to some external folders and files that are part of the installation. Is it possible to use these exe's in the App program, and if so, what are the procedures to follow?
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I also have several Director applications I'd like to put through the program. What about these two possible approaches:

1) Using Visual Studio 2008 to write a stub application with the Atom IDE and launching the Director program from that?

2) Writing a Director xtra (a Windows DLL) to handle the API initialization and other required code?


Brian Leader


We at baKno games developed an Xtra for Adobe Director that will help you port your application with ease.

you can request a licence here

A quick quick question for you Director developers. Does the Director runtime have a silent install or merge module available? Please feel free to share your validation experience. Thanks.


For the Windows platform Visual Studio 2008 is the supported IDE, and Windows Native applications are acceptable. As director is not a windows native programming language it will not pass the validation requirements at this time. Keep checking this page for newly accepted programming languages:

Please see the following links for more detail:

Developer Guidelines:
Validation Requirements:

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