ADP runtime has experienced an error during endevent - Help Required in fixing this Error

ADP runtime has experienced an error during endevent - Help Required in fixing this Error

Hi, Please helpthe developer in fixing the "ADP runtime has experienced an error during endevent" error. We encountered this error during Beta test. Find below the steps followed during beta test 1. Click Download button from AppUp 2. Downloaded, Initialized the app. 3. When clicked Launched, "ADP runtime has experienced an error during endevent" occured. Shortcut is available on the desktop. I was able to launch the app and paly the game. Till yesterday, I was getting Oops error too. Today it has disappeared. Please someone help us in fixing the above issue. Regards, Praveen
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This could be caused by a number of issues, the easiest way to identify it is:

1.) Build you application using Debug (Keep the current GUID)
2.) Upload to Beta system
3.) Install application from AppUp
4.) Execute application and attach debugger, setting break points around EndEvent method to check values prior to exception.

So this means that we suppose to build using the debug guid or build the entire app in debug version.? coz in the first point it says build using bebug but keep current guid.? means ill comment the guid and use debug id or build entire app in debug version. Please clarify.


Hello Sundar,

Beta Testing only works with the production GUID as you use the "live" systems to test your application.
What Brian suggested was to compile your own software as a Debug version and than try to find the problem.

Best Regards

Andre B.

Technical Support Team
Intel® Atom™ Developer Program
Intel® AppUp(SM) Center

Thank you andre will do that, and how to attach the debugger while executing the app in the beta test system? is we have to copy the .pdb and .exp files to the exe folder and use visual studio to run debugger while its breaking.?


Andre is correct. Leave your GUI as is, and build your application in Visual Studio in Debug mode (Debug Build). Then proceed to beta test this new build.

Once you have executed your application you simply attach your debugger to your application process. You may have to be quick to do this.

Alternatively, if JIT (Just in time) kicks in, it will ask you if you would like to close, wait or debug. At that point you can click Debug, and choose your open Visual Studio (with project open) and it will step into the exception.

More info: Attaching to a Running Program or Multiple Programs on MSDN

Please let me know what turns up, I am happy to assist.

Hey Sundar,

Any Success from the above suggessions?



Alternatively you may use a remote debugger if having Visual Studio installed on your test machine is not feasible:

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