Install DirectX Distribution

Install DirectX Distribution

Obviously AppUp does not pre-install DirectX 2008 Redistribution. Shall I bundle 100MB's DirectX for Windows XP? How can I do that? To run a 5MB small program requires 100MB download does not make sense. Maybe another way is to refuse the support of Windows XP but only Windows 7. This can save a lot of troubles.
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Yes, you can either bundle the DirectX on your msi or remove the support of Windows XP

OR, you can ask the user to install DirectX manually by adding some kind of message box which tells the user to install the DirectX if they haven't.

I think it's not a very big problem since many games for Windows had bundled their application with DirectX redist, except if the validation team choose not to validate the app :).

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Hello All,

to ask the customer to install something before he can run your software will make your validation fail.
Always have the customer in mind who might not know much about PC's in general .. keep it easy.

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All neccessary libraries must be packaged in your MSI. It is up to the developer to ensure that his application will run on a standard windows installation with only AppUp as a requirement. This is part of the Application Packaging Requirements Guide found here:

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