Does ATOM support Shader 1.1

Does ATOM support Shader 1.1

Hi, Does Netbook (ATOM) support Vertex shader 1.0 and Pixel shader 1.1? Please confirm and do the needful. Regards, Praveen
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Hello Praveen,

that depends on which graphics chip the netbook contains. A netbook can contain different Intel chipsets each with different features. But other companies offer chipsets for Intel Atom CPUs, too, like for example Nvidia.

Best Regards

Andre B.

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I have a decent post on this subject as it applies to the Intel Graphics Adapters found in most netbooks.

Optimize Your Game For Intel Integrated Graphics Adapters:

In particular the data you are looking for is here:

As Andre said however, this is device specific, and has no relation to the AppUp client or the ATOM SDK. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

What if the Validation team using the Netbook doesn't support Vertex shader 1.0 and Pixel shader 1.1 ?


You will need to test this in your directx code by getting the device capabilities. That will tell you what the graphics adapter is capable of. If it does not meet your requirements you will need to present the user with a message indicating that this application will not run on their netbook.

Taking that one step further, you will want to clearly express the hardware requirements for your application in your meta data.

The GMA 950/945 seems to have some shader support (though only pixel/fragment shading in hardware). As far as I know, that's the lowest end GPU available in Intel Netbooks, though Wikipedia seems to suggest it has the highest memory throughput.

Noteworthy Intel GPU's include:

GMA 950 - Most Common
GMA 3150 - Pineview (new, to replace 950)
GMA 500 - Based on the PowerVR SGX, the same GPU found in latest iPhones

All are said to support low end DirectX 9 shaders. I work in OpenGL (and OpenGL ES), so I haven't tried this yet.

I was actually under the impression OpenGL couldn't do shaders on the GMA 950, but I stumbled upon something on Khronos' site today. It seems the GMA 950 is supposed to support an older shader extension that was before GLSL, where you write shaders in ARB Shader Assembly. A way around writing shaders in assembly, it seems Cg supports outputting this dialect. Feature wise, don't expect branching or having much room for shading instructions. Think small, tight, linear shaders.

Nice details Michael. This goes along with a smooth, minimalistic approach when developing games for the Netbook.

Thanks Michael, the above info will really helps us.


You may query the shader version available to GL like this:


More details on detecting shader versions here: Checking for a D3D shader version

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