Support for Inno Setup

Support for Inno Setup

I know that MSI is the only supported install format, but is there a possibility of others being added? For instance I have my app setup to install with Inno Setup, which can be installed silently (e.g. setup.exe /verysilent) just as well as an MSI installer. My main reasons for desiring support for alternates to MSI is I am having a lot of difficulty creating an MSI for my purposes; 1) First of all, I have VC++ 2008 *Express* which does not support the simple point-and-click msi creation. Not that it matters as... 2) My application using the ATOM SDK is essentially a wrapper. It embeds python and launches the program from there after validation using the SDK. So all of my dependencies (dlls etc) and resource files (.pyd .png .xml etc) Visual Studio knows nothing about.
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Good morning,

As an alternative until your desired packaging tools is supported, you could use a trial copy of Visual Studio 2008.

Best of luck.

@Cemal Cebi, My App runs with the ATOM SDK. Are there also requirements regarding the (non) use of embedded scripting languages?

The requirement to have an msi without dialogs seems to me to be pointless. Most installers have options to run silently, including msi.
For msi: msiexec /quite /i ActivePerl.msi
For INNO: setup.exe /verysilent /norestart
A quick google search reveals that others such as Install Shield and NSIS also have silent options for unattended installation. (/s and /S respectively)

I was expecting some rough edges this being in beta and all, but *not* from the installer requirement.

I would really appreciate a response from lintel regarding this.

@BrianDevArch, I tried your suggestion but wasn't able to get it to also install all my external dependencies. My limited knowledge of MSI may be the problem here. Thanks for your help though.
Maybe if there's a way I could ZIP up all my dependencies into one file, include it in the MSI and have the MSI extract it upon installation. I guess if msi doesn't support that I could extract it manually from the program. Startup time on first launch would just be less than ideal and it would require twice the space to install.

Arctic, you can use the open source WIX MSI builder if you don't mind some scripting. It's a bit of learning curve but once you have set up one MSI project, you can pretty much reuse it with little update. I used to use Inno but switched to WIX since it can be integrated into the command line build scripts easily. Check it out.

Thanks ww8520, that looks like a good resource. I had looked before for a good WiX tutorial but wasn't able to find one.

@Arctic Paint,

As Cemal mentioned, although other IDE's and Packaging utilities are not supported, they may well pass validation.

In reference to other packaging utilities running silently, that may be true but there is more to it. The AppUp client calls the installer MSI using several parameters, including the silent switch, installation path and optionally locale. Because of this dependency, not all packaging tools will be compatible ( obviously those which do not create well formed MSI's). I am sure as the ATOM SDK Beta progresses, more compatibility will be announced.

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