ILU01 - Application install error

ILU01 - Application install error

Hello! Now we got the following error mesage.... -------- Failure Reason: ILU01 - Application install Additional Comments: In both Windows XP and Win 7 the application does not download or install from AppUp. The most common issue observed in this area has to do with properly advertised shortcuts within the .msi . Please see packaging requirements located here: and troubleshooting tips located here: and confirm that your .msi meets the requirements. Please also see the article on beta testing: and beta test your application using AppUp prior to resubmission. Thank you! Check the failure code against the Intel(R) Application/Component Suitability Guidelines and Validation Criteria document. This document lists the error codes and the associated tests that were run on your application. Additional comments provided may help narrow down the specific failure(s). Once you revise your code please resubmit it for validation. -------- I think this message is something very general. If the download fails, then it is surely something not work properly with the Intel server. We have found in AppUp that you must start the download of a software up to 20 times, before he goes through. In other cases, there is the very informative error message: "Oops, everything is happend! How can we get more detailed information? And when will Intel corrected the server error? Thank you Thomas
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do I have to ask this type of question in the support forum?


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