.Net Magic box (.Net Workaround)

.Net Magic box (.Net Workaround)

Hi All, Here is a link to the workaround for .Net applications, http://www.shalominfotech.com/products/intel.aspx We have developed this exe file to generate .Net GUID and a tutorial to integrate the SDK and create the .msi package in a few simple steps using Microsoft Visual Studio. If you are interested,please take a look. Regards, shalom Infotech
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Hey Shalom,

Congratulation!!!! Team Shalom.

I have tested your solution and it works fine... You follow simple 7 steps and your app is in the store. We can't imagine any solutions/work around as simple as this.

Great work .... Way to Go !


Please keep in mind that .NET submissions are not supported at this time and may not pass validation.

It may be better to wait for the official .NET version of the ATOM SDK to ensure your submission passes validation.

This page will be updated once support for .NET is announced:


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