ADP runtime error code -1

ADP runtime error code -1

Hi, An ISV from China encountered this error after they integrated SDK, and trying to launch their exe file. Can someone there throw some light on why it happens? The error message is "The ADP runtime experienced a critical failure (Code: -1)". Regards, Melaudia
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If you are running your application from the local machine, please ensure that ATDS is running. This is the ATOM Store simulator that is required when using the DEBUG GUID to test your application. Please see this link for further details:

You may also want to look at beta testing once you are ready to submit your application:

It may happens if you have AppUp and SDK installed on the same computer. If you want to be able to launch ATDS you need to kill serviceManager.exe process from task manager

Thank you both Brian and Dmitry! After I kill the servicemanager I am able to start the ATDS and then run the app without error anymore. Good news is that the ISV has submitted the app in past few days, passed binary code validation, and is now working on how to pass the meta validation.

Thanks again for your quick response, and it works!


Glad to hear that you are up and running. Please let me know if you have any further difficulties.

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