Using the SDK with a FFI

Using the SDK with a FFI

A quick search on this forum and I found that last year it was briefly mentioned that there was a possibility of DLLs, not just LIB files, being distributed with the SDK in the future. Have there been any developments in that direction? I would like to be able to access the SDK through a FFI but that requires dynamically linked libraries. Thanks, Joseph
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Yes and No.

No, there are no official or supported ATOM SDK DLL's at this point.

Yes, you may simply create a C++ DLL in Visual Studio 2008 whioch references the ATOM SDK. In your DLL, expose the authorization methods in a manner than makes sense for you project. Then you may simply reference this DLL from your application/game.

Please keep in mind that if your entire solution is not C++ and created in Visual Studio 2008 you may fail validation.

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