New Article - Importance of Initialization and Authorization

New Article - Importance of Initialization and Authorization

The Intel Atom Developer Program (IADP) includes an authorization mechanism to ensure that an application has been legally purchased or obtained through the App Store. This is a dynamic runtime process that allows an application, at startup time, to determine if the user as well as the current device is authorized to run the application. There is also an initialization step that needs to be completed prior to authorization that sets up communication between the application and the Intel components. Because this is an important process that requires some additional steps, and should not be over looked, we have published the following article to help explain the process:
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Good article Bob,

As I try to explain to newcomers, the ATOM SDK at it's core is a very efficient Authentication component. The article makes a good point , that one must consider that there is an underlying connection to the AppUp services.

I see Bakno have a wrapper for runtime and other languages how far is this taking care of authorization?

I would request for an answer from Intel team as I am interested to buy this, kindly check this out and give me a confirmation that the SDK integration will be taken care if I use this wrapper for my .net apps.

If bakno team can jump in and help us out it would be really nice.


The Bakno wrapper is essentially calling the ATOM SDK methods using the supplied GUID. This is what other developers here have done using their own wrapper classes.

Of note: The advantage of creating your own wrapper is owning the source code. This gives you the ability to make any changes easily and target new versions of the ATOM SDK without delay.

If you need help with your own wrapper for .NET I can assist as my own wrapper is quite robust and passes validation without issues.

Hello Khan

Brian is right, you can code your own wrapper. And it is a good choice if you are proficient creating libraries.

Our wrapper is intended for those developers with limited time who prefer to focus on building and finishing up their applications.

Andres Martinez

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