Dynamic Wrapper

Dynamic Wrapper

Thanks to Intel and their engineering team, baKno is now able to offer a dynamic Wrapper to the Intel development community. This package contains the wrapper, documentation, and a working sample project created on the particular development platform. baKno offers a separate package for the following development platforms: Unity Pro Runtime Revolution Adobe's Flash (with Zinc) Microsoft's XNA Java (any desktop IDE) Previous Visual Studio Versions Relish's HGE If you are interested, please visit this page: http://www.bakno.com/Wrapper/ If you use any other development platform that accepts external libraries, and if you are interested in purchasing this package, please send us an email. Andres Martinez baKno Games
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This is VERY cool!

It looks like alot of effort went into this product, thanks Andres.

While this product bridges a gap, the ATOM SDK will ultimately support more development platforms. Please remember that if you are not creating a standard C++ project using Visual Studio 2008 (for Windows submissions), your application may not pass validation.

Also remember to check the Packaging Requirements to ensure any library you utilize is deployed correctly. Beta testing your submission is always encouraged :)

Thank you Brian

We are aware of the limitations, and yet we want to offer an alternative solution until the SDK supports new platforms.

All our customers so far have gotten their applications authorized with different versions of the Wrapper, including our own games using the Unity and RunRev versions.

Our commitment is to help the developer if there is any issue with the wrapper, or refund his/her payment if necessary.

Andres Martinez
baKno Games

Yes Brian, thanks.

As Andres said, we create a sample project for each wrapper we develop, we perform the same tests as we do to out games to see if it qualifies to our fellow developers that want to submit their applications that are not made in Visual Studio. We offer the support if any issues arise.


baKno Games

Hi Bakno,

First of all thanks for giving dynamic wrapper to IADP develpers.

I see the last post was in December, 2009 is your wrapper still hold good or any additions to be done. Is it taking care of authorization part completly?

I have a simple VB.Net app and I can edit in VS 2008 so if I buy your runtime wrapper will it help me in getting published in AppUp.

Dear Validation team please suggest as your inputs will be more valuable.


Hello Khan

My last post is from April 21. We have been very active adding more IDEs to the list.

Please check... http://www.bakno.com/Wrapper/

And yes, our DLL can help your VB.Net project to properly communicate with the store.

Andres Martinez
baKno Games


Should you decide that you would prefer to write your own wrapper for .NET I am happy to offer guidance. My own wrapper has passed validation every time and is quite simple to use.

From experience I have learned some of the pitfalls to watch out for to ensure a successful integration (threading issues in .NET forms / WPF applications, etc.)

You can download a wrapper for .NET from this Article: http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/article/dot-net-wrapper.

Using it is easy -- add the assembly as a reference and initialize and authorize your app. There's an example Facebook app for .net article for details: http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/article/dot-net-example

For those interested, the article also provides full background on the wrapper library. I'd be happy for any feedback or input.

The article covers how to make a .Net wrapper. However, our solution allows flexibility for other platforms (different than .Net) with little effort.

The dll wrapper we provide is meant to be used under any development environment that makes native calls to an external library. The SDK is only necessary to start the ADTS for debugging and testing the applications before submission to the store. Our customers just perform function calls within their projects and the dll wrapper performs the required operations for an application to pass validation and be published successfully.

We continue to expand the programming environments beyond Visual Studio and .Net to benefit developers and have as many applications in the store as possible. For example: we created a Flash solution, and we are on test phases on a Java Wrapper that can work on either Windows or Linux platform with just one library.

Andres Martinez
baKno Games


Your wrapper is definitely a good example, nice work. I would post a blog entry on the subject but our solutions would share 50% of the same architecture and be fairly redundant. I think I have a few extra features to ensure thread safety and additional event handlers. Now perhaps an F# implementation... :)

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