Cannot launch ATDS

Cannot launch ATDS

Hi, I just installed Intel Atom Developer Program SDK but when I click on Start ATDS, nothing happens. I run Windows XP. How can I provide you more info on this problem ? Thanks, Guillaume
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The problem is that your command prompt window is closing too quickly to see what the ATDS response is.

Please start a new command prompt (Start -> Run ->CMD.EXE, then click OK). From within that command prompt, navigate to the folder that runATDS.bat resides in. Now simply type "runATDS.bat" and press enter.

What does the console window display when you perform the above instructions?

A common cause for this is having both the ATOM SDK and the AppUp client installed on the same computer. If you have AppUp installed, please uninstall it and try running ATDS again.


I uninstalled AppUp and tried to run the SDK from a command window. Another command window opens and now it doesn't close quickly like before. It's just blank and nothing happens.

Thanks for your answer


You're welcome.

Once ATDS has been launched, you may execute your application which uses the ATOM authorization method calls. When the authorization method calls execute you will see pertinent details displayed in the ATDS console window. Please let me know if you need further assistance.

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