Is Using a wrapper made for .net in application valid

Is Using a wrapper made for .net in application valid

Hello I recently saw the blog on creating a reference dll of the sdk to create application in vb,net or c#.But I am in doubt whether such application will qualify in validation.Can we actually create application in vb or c#?
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Good morning,

The answer has two primary aspects:

1.) Intel does not support use of the .NET runtime (or wrappers) for use with the ATOM SDK at this time. It is entirely up to the developer to ensure it will pass validation.

2.) That being said, it is not against any rules to create your own wrapper. I have had several applications pass validation using a wrapper. The primary consideration is that it does not violate the Validation Guidelines or Packaging Guidelines.

I am happy to assist if you are going to write a wrapper on your own else I can suggest a reputable pre-made wrapper.

Hello Brian

Are you sure.Can I use a .net runtime if it does not violate the developer guidlines.


The answer to your question is in the dozens of applications that have made it into the AppUp client and passed validation. Yes, you may submit using a wrapper. No, Intel will offer no support for these types of submissions. It is up to the developer to ensure that it adheres to all Validation and Packaging Guidelines. I have personally submitted a few, and after careful testing all passed.

You can also seek information from one of the wrapper component companies:

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