Step by step procedure to port iphone apps to AppUp?

Step by step procedure to port iphone apps to AppUp?

Hi, I read through the articles about porting iphone apps to Appup. Do we need to build a C++ wrapper to port iphone apps? Can someone help with a step by step approach for the same. Regards, Priya
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Good morning Priya,

There are many approaches to porting an iPhone app over to the Netbook platform and integrating the ATOM SDK.

In many cases you will not need to create a wrapper, as your Objective C code will be written as standard C++, allowing for native execution of the authorization methods in the ATOM SDK. In some cases you may choose to port to .NET to take advantage of WPF for layout. There are a number of porting specific articles in the works, so please keep an eye on the Articles section for updates.

One aspect to consider is the overall user experience of your application/game on the netbook platform. For example; the netbook does not have an accelerometer, how might this effect usability? Handling larger (and more) resolutions, and implementing multi touch.

Stay tuned, there is much more to come on the subject of porting.

Great question. There are wrappers available from the community & our component catalog. So my initial advice is for you to consider what do you need to do to get the app working as a good netbook app. Then consider what language & runtime is your best path. If not c/c++ then ask the forums for a solution to your language & runtime.

We have apps in the store done in Flex, .Net, Python.

So follow Brians advice and consider the hardware, then detemine the path, and if you need a wrapper check our component catalog & forums for a solution

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