Installshield in visual studio 2010 or 2008

Installshield in visual studio 2010 or 2008

Hello friends I dont know how to create an installshield in visual studio.After creating my application i used the setup project for setup.But it does not look impressive. I have seen many installshields and they look very interesing.So if any of you know about creating one please share at this forum.It surely helps me and also other developers
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If I understand correctly, you would like to use Install Shield rather than the Visual Studio Package and Deployment project to create your MSI?

Please provide more detail on what you are looking for to make it look more "interesting". There are many developers here who use this installer platform.

I was just mentioning that it seems much powerful than the msi installer

Both have their merits, is their a particular feature you need to take advantage of that you don't see in the Package and Deployment project? I would be happy to help, many prefer the Microsoft solution as is free if you own Visual Studio 2008

I was just mentioning about it.I saw the msi installer all over the forum but I didnt see anything about installshield.Thats why I mentioned it.

now I am having another trouble .My app is running well and my package is also doing good.Now the problem is that when I searched about the guidelines and validation tests I saw some information about the tests thats gonna take by intel.It mentions that my application .exe file will be moved to another directory from where the supported files are installed and copied to another directory.From there it will be run and it should run well.But my program is not doing like that.I tried the same test by moving the file to another directory and running it from ther and it shows some errors that files are missing.So how can i make my application run in such a condition.

how can I use the "Create application path" Facility to make my program find out the .dll files itself.

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