SDK Implementation in existing App

SDK Implementation in existing App

Hello, I have question , We are into I-Media Business and we required faster performance Machine, as i understood Intel SDK 1.5 gold is basically for Enabling High-Performance Video Encoding, Decoding, and Preprocessing. my existing application is built in .net 2.0 framework. and its really huge. how can i get faster performance in this. or i need to convert whole app in c++ ,Vc++ ? (SDK 1.5 Gold Supported) or is there any other way to achieve it ? please guide us. major issue is low performance slow machine. (machine runs continuously 12 to 15 hrs per day)
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Which Intel SDK are your referring to? The Intel ATOM SDK is not at version 1.5 at this time. Are you trying to integrate the ATOM SDK into an existing application?

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I Think You are Talking about Intel Media SDK .as I know The media SDK
Supports only Visual C++(Windows 7 ,Vista Only).so if your program is writen in .Net,I think it will be difficult to implement The Media SDK API.

Thanks mg85,

If that is correct, you would be looking at a fair bit of marshaling (wrapper building) to use this from C#. Please let me know if I can assist in any way.


thats correct I am talking about Intel Media SDK but currently our app is only in .Net 2.0 framework . and we want faster performance and good quality videos. how can you assist me. please guide us, can we go for better configuration machine or SDK will help us in this scenario.


Even i want to know more about marshaling (wrapper building). and how can i use it.


The subject of creating wrappers for un-managed code is a large one. Basically you will be creating a .NET assembly which is capable of calling the C++ methods in an un-managed library. A great example of this is the ATOM SDK Wrapper article found here:

Article: Building .NET applications for the app store

Here are a few links to get you started. If you get stuck, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

Thank you BrianDevArch !!

i will try this, i would like to explain you my actual scenario so that you can guide me the right path i guess. please check my requirement or can i explain u all situation what we have. what configuration machine i have or what exactly we need so that you can give me right solution. ? plz reply

thank you

Amit Singh


You are quite welcome. Since you are new to writing managed wrappers, I would suggest the following tool:

P/Invoke Wizard

This tool does most of what you or I would do to create a wrapper assembly automatically. There are other such tools, however this is the only one I have tested. Try the demo, and see if it makes sense for the C++ DLL you are trying to call from .NET.

If the results are disappointing, you will need to create the wrapper assembly from scratch. If you go the manual route, remember that you only need to write wrapper code for the methods/types you use in your application.

Hi BrianDevArch,

Thank you so much, As i mentioned here i am explaining my business need please read and guide me, that this wrapper will help me or i need to change machine configuration(Hardware Configuration) for below scenario.

We are the leading digital media company in India and having various installations including very remote places of India.

Current machine configuration is Intel P4 Dual Core with 2GB RAM and 160GB HDD (Windows XP). Machine continuously runs for almost 18-20 hrs per day with room temperature 400 C to 450 C.

We are getting very poor response from machine especially from inbuilt voice card. On few machines we have installed external sound card where the response is quite better.

We are looking for an expert advice from you that what would be an ideal machine configuration for above scenario. or SDK will improve the Application performance.

plz reply...


This forum is for discussion of the Intel ATOM SDK. It sounds as if your question may be suited for an alternate forum. With regard to hardware recommendations I suggest this forum on Toms hardware:

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