SDK supports c++ or VC++

SDK supports c++ or VC++

HI, i have some confusion about SDK support becuase in dveloper catalog page it is clearly mentioned that SDK supports c/c++ only. So at this point it is not clear wheather it is c++ or vc++ because there is a difference between c++ and vc++ any one could clarify it Thanks
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Pls let me know about Guids, as i have recently got some Guids but want clarify getting the Guid for other application in the process is better or wait till first application submitted than go for another,?

You may request as many GUIDs as you require.

Brian i am extremly thankfull for your upadate as i was worried about entry limitation now it seems good for me so
i have a few number of application in my dashboard looking forward to submit it as time is running out.

Speaking of which - is it better to use 2008 vs 2010? Will there be anything in the SDK the 2010 won't support?

I have Visual Studio 2010, but also have Visual C++ 2008 Express. Which is better to use for the SDK?


Please use Visual Studio 2008 since it is supported by Intel There is also a 90 day trial of Visual Studio 2008 Pro if you need it.


I just downloaded the SDK. Running VS 2008 on Win7 system.

I get 130 warnings trying to compile the sample app.

1>adpcored.lib(XSECC14n20010315.obj) : warning LNK4099: PDB 'vc90.pdb' was not found with '../../../lib\adpcored.lib' or at 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\IntelAppUpSDK\Cpp\Samples\cpp\Debug\vc90.pdb'; linking object as if no debug info

Shouldn't the sample project file settings automatically put vc90.pdb in right place?

Or, am I doing something wrong?



The provided samples should work without any additional steps. These questions may put you on the correct path.

Are the include and library paths setup correctly?
Are you using Visual Studio 2008 Professional?
Do you have the latest version of the AppUp SDK?

Please try downloading the examples again, ensuring that no paths or project settings are changed after installing.


For windows you may use Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (C++) as your IDE. Perhaps this is where the confusion came from?

i have recently upgraded to VS2010 from 2008 shuolg i uninstall vs 2010 and install 2008 again if it is the case it would be somewhat typical because every one prefers new version that automatically supports earlier version or gives an compatibility to the earlier versions so i want any fixes are available right now or in near future.
i have other application on my and so i would prefer not unistall VS 2010 and try some kind of suitable fix for it.

Hi Syed:

Our SDK is a C/C++ SDK (as opposed to specific VC++). However, our SDK is designed to be used with VS 2008.
However, if you are using VS 2010, you can follow this post to adjust configurations and make use of our SDK in VS 2010:




Where you able to get everything worked out in your development environment?

i have decided to switch back to vs2008 because of validation error may arise even if i manage to fix the Sdk for vs 2010.

as it is presently not supported for vs 2010. so working on fixes would not be wise, any way i am woking on vs 2008.with the hope thst i will be submitting my applications before last date

No problem, please let me know if you run into any issues. Best of luck.

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