How secret is the app's GUID?

How secret is the app's GUID?

Hi, I'm currently storing the app's GUID in my application as a constant. However with a bit of application disassembling, I can easily retrieve the GUID. Will this be a problem? Is the GUID supposed to be a secret, or is it something that will have no impact if found by someone else? Thanks
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While the GUID is unique to your application, there is no risk posed by dis-assembly.

There really isn't much someone could do with your applications GUID. For an application to make it into AppUp, it must pass Intel's rigorous validation tests. Included in this battery of tests is the verification that the proper GUID is being used.

More of a risk would be someone replacing the GUID in an app with the Debug GUID and using ATDS to run your software. Intel has gone to great lengths to secure the ATOM SDK, rest assured your application is safe.

That's great to know, thanks again Brian!

No problem, this is the place for fast support and to being out ideas and concerns related to the ATOM SDK. After all this program is still in Beta stage.

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