Installing Appup.EXE was not smoother even for developers :-)

Installing Appup.EXE was not smoother even for developers :-)

Hi, We were facing lot of challenges in submitting an app, we wanted to complete one whole cycle. So that we will come to know about the process. We invited 2 developers and a Intel support guy for the beta testing. Only one got an email. I tried to install the Intel app.exe and it asked to install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Redistributable Package. I downloaded and installed it was 60 MB. Then it was showing error. Saying its not installed. Restarted the machine and uninstalled the Intel appup and installed again. Nothing was working. Again installed the .Net Framework. For developers who are in the field of software for more than a decade, if we are facing this many issues in installing the client software. Then how does a common man who wants to download an app, will put this much effort, time in installing the appup. Does anyone has faced such difficulties ? Still now tried 6 times, of course followed the steps, more than 2 hours struggling to install appup. Regards Suresh
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Hi Suresh.

Thank you for your feedback.

We recommend to have your operating system updated to the latest updates available from the operating system manufacturer before installing the AppUp(SM).

The main reason for all these requirements is because the AppUp(SM) is the portal where consumers can download a wide variety of applications developed using a variety of technologies. Each and every applications available on the store may require some of these updates available on your system to be able to run properly. Hence in order to cover a wider range or applications and to get the best experience, using the AppUp(SM) also requires you to always have your system updated to the latest update available.

Some suggestions before you go forward in installing the AppUp(SM):

- Please make sure you operating system is updated to the latest updates from Microsoft (if you are using the windows client).
- Make sure that you are using it on a supported operating system. You can find the list of supported operating system on the Release Notes for the Windows Client:
- The AppUp(SM) Center supported only on English version of those operating systems (in case you are using the OS is a different language)
- Install the AppUp(SM) Center in the default path. Installing in other location may cause some unexpected results. (Known Issue).
- Constant internet connectivity is required to browse the store, buy and download applications.
- The AppUp(SM) Center will not run on a system that has the SDK installed.

If you are still having issues with installing and using the AppUp(SM) Center, please send us the information below and we will investigate.

Send us the Error Log file. It can be found under this path on your system provided you have installed the App Center on the default path: ProgramData/Intel/IntelAppStoreBeta/ErrorLog.txt (if windows 7)

Note to access the above path you must be able to view Hidden Files.

Also send us system details by running the utility on the link below, save the files as a .doc and send it to us.
Link for System Identification Utility:

Send these details to us via email to

Once I get these information I will investigate into your issue and get back to you.


Intel Technical Support
Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program
Intel AppUp (SM) Center

DG Rooven

Hi Rooven

Thanks for the comment, mean while i have successfully installed after installing 231 MB dotnetfx35.exe :-).
Yeah, we can understand the issues being a developer. Since its in beta, we may have to face road blocks, we will help together to clear it off.

The app crashed and there are few issues, but still its good to see working. i will write the issues in a separate private mail along with attachments.



Having just graduated from beta status AppUp has come down a long road, and ended up in good shape. In terms of packaging required libraries, this may simply be a case of modifying the method used to install the 3.5 runtime. What installer did you use to create your MSI? I would be happy to review the installer script.

Thats Great News!.

No we didn't used any packager for our apps to create the MSI.

I was telling about the IntelAppUpcenter-windows-installer.exe. (22.3 MB) For which it asked Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 Sp1 dotnetfx35.exe (231 MB) as prerequisite .

Nice to Meet you Brian, have been seeing your name and picture all through the forum.

Thanks a lot for your timely reply and help.



My pleasure. Please be advised that any application or game submitted to AppUp must include every library on which it depends. The exception would be .NET 3.0 and below, since they are included with XP 3.0 and Windows 7.

This document may be of assistance to you when preparing your application for the validation process:

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you.

Thanks a lot for your quick reply Brain.

We have submitted Adobe AIR APPS. Hoping for the best to complete the process as soon as possible

Have a Great Day Ahead!


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