Microsoft .Net Adp Bridge/Wrapper 1.0

Microsoft .Net Adp Bridge/Wrapper 1.0

GSLAdpBridge.dll is our wrapper for Microsoft .Net applications and is available on the website under Applications for Intel AppUp Store. Wrapper is provided for free and as is condition. Please provide your feedback and let us know if you see any issues using it.
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Thanks for sharing, you may want to sign your assembly with a strong key so it can be installed into the Global Assembly Cache.

Thank you Brian for your suggestion. I will add that.

Excellent, when creating MSI's many .NET developers forget to put their assemblies in the GAC. This can result in a validation failure if your primary executable cannot find the assembly.

Thank you so much for this wrapper!


Just a quick followup. You may want to recompile this as Release rather than Debug. It will make for s slightly smaller package. Thanks for the contribution.

It is a very good suggestion to deploy the applications compiled in release mode. It removes unnecessary debug symbols and also makes the application more secure by not exposing internal code details when there is an unhandled error.

On that topic, if you are looking to secure your assembly further you may want to look at Dotfuscator (it is built into Visual Studio 2008).

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