Dynamic Wrapper development

Dynamic Wrapper development

I heard the BrianDevArch has worked on a Dynamic Wrapper solution. Last time I spoke in 9/19, after the Elements event, I was told that the solution has been developed, and that it was being worked on for the past 5 months. I was wondering if this dynamic wrapper solution is available yet? (much like how Activemark, and Trymedia wrapper, would wrap an EXE file.) Can you please give an update? How do we get a hold of this solution. Thanks!
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We just created a wrapper for applications that has Portable Executable (exe) as the main application file. we have published a game using this wrapper as a test of it's capabilities. It's Binary Wrapper

More info here


The wrapper solution is still under investigation and not ready for deployment.


We at baKno Games developed a wrapper for applications that have a portable executable file (EXE), it can wrap almost any single PE, except the ones that are already packaged (files within the exe) which will be supported in the future. We are testing it with our own programs first and then contact Intel before making this wrapper public

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