Visual Studio AppUp IDE Plug-in

Visual Studio AppUp IDE Plug-in

Hi! Right after launch i have an error message "There is no Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program SDK found.". But i have AppUP SDK 1.0 already installed on my PC. Thanks, Dmitry
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Hello guys, i can't install the plugin, when i launch the .msi installer it says: "there is no Intel AppUp Developer Program SDK found" Any suggestions?

Try install the latest AppUp SDK. You can download it here

Just found solution by myself, it requires AppUp .NET SDK to be installed (i have just SDK 1.0 for Windows C/C++).

My suggestion is to add explanation to this error message - There is no Intel .NET AppUp(SM) Developer Program SDK found. Link to download.


VS plugin does't require .NET SDK, it can be installed and works fine with C++ SDK. All you need to install plugin is just to add the registry DWORD param CppSdkInstalled = 1 to the registry node "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Intel\ADP_SDK"

I think installer and VS plugin (plugin is trys to find CppSdkInstalle param to) could be fixed, it could check SDKInstallPath param , because this param is created with the current version of the C++ SDK installer and in that case plugin will work fine with the current version of C++ SDK.

Thanks Dmitry. I'm sending this to our TME's and SDK team to see if we have a gap in our instructions or should adjust our SDK's

Dmitry we are not able to duplicate the issue you experienced. We tried a number of scenarios. When the Plug-in is installed with C++ SDK 1.0 installed it seems to work. This is a message from one of our testers on trying to install over previous versions of the SDK, or where the SDK was upgraded.

"I had tested additional scenario – install Plug-In 1.0 beta over SDK 0.92 directly.. The installation can succeed, but all the Plug-In function are disabled and notice user that C/C++ or .NET SDK is required. This is expected behavior as SDK 1.0 is required

The way I can reproduce the behavior is I have SDK 0.91 installed, then installing Plug-In 1.0 will say 'There is no Intel AppUp (SM) Developer Program SDK found'. But after I upgrade to SDK 1.0, the I’m able to install Plug-In 1.0 Beta."

I have AppUp SDK 1.0.25 installed. I was install this version on top of 0.92. As i say before i got error message during plugin installation because of missing registry key.

Now i just uninstall and re-install SDK. After installation i have check registry and key is here...

This could be my mistake or incorrect behaviour of my Windows installation, sorry.

i have downloaded the AppUpSDK_VSPLUGIN_v1.5 plugin , when i try to intall on Windows 7 32 bit machine (mine is 32 Bit)  i get a popup saying that the " The installer packaged could not open, contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer package"

why does this error occur and what is the workaroud for this ?




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