application in VB6

application in VB6

Dear all, i ve an application in vb6 and cannot be migrated to .net due to a very large project cost. I need to integrate the SDK in it. What is the best method ? thanks in advance
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I work for Intel assisting ISV's with the app submission process and currently am working with an ISV who has built a VB6 wrapper specifically for the AppUp program. He is tweaking this for the validation team at the moment. I would estimate that this should be available by the end of this month.

Keep checking the AppUp Developer Catalog as this is where it will be once available:

As far as I am aware, this wrapper should be the best solution when it is ready.




The quickest route would be to create a simple C++ DLL which exposes the AppUp authorization methods (DLL Export). You may then import them from VB6 allowing your application to execute the authorization methods at startup. Please let me know if I can help any further down this path.

Hi! I agree with Brian, and already got this job done: wrapped the three main functions into the DLL, and utilized it in my very-very first application for AppUp (Audiobook Player for Netbooks), which is actually coded in Delphi. I bet you will can use it too with VB6. pcfone, if you interested in the library along with its source code, then just PM me.

Thank you all for your reply and care. I would be glad to wait till Ben finishes the work and use the official integration. In the mean time, many thanks to Valerian for your offer. I will PM you and try to connect to it from VB6. I assume it is a dll.

pcfone, just e-mailed you the library with the full source code. There are only three main functions wrapped and exported as stdcall routines - ADP_Initialize, ADP_IsAuthorized & ADP_Close - you can easily translate a Delphi/Pascal header to any programming language you want.

Thanks Ben,

If you need any help please let me know. I have a project from a year ago that I could dig up and refresh if needed.

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