HTML5 Audio object

HTML5 Audio object

When trying to use the encapsulator with a HTML5 web app that uses the Audio object to play audio, the sound is not played and no error is thrown. Can anyone provide more information on when and if this feature will be available?
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Really?! This still doesn't work? Is this on the road map? how long will we have to wait for audio?


Are you planning to add audio support? When?

Without it, I don't see any game being submitted using encapsulator :(


is there a roadmap for Audio support?


Hi All - Audio is on the roadmap - but we're really at the mercy of QTWebkit (desktop) support for that feature.

We're are looking at upgrading to QTWebkit 2.2 that was released September 29th.

Hi Andy,

it's been three weeks and no news about audio support.

I would like to submit a game to the Intel AppUpSM developer challenge: Web Apps Edition but without audio... a game is not a game :(

Hope it will be ready soon.

Hello all - update on audio and video - we're still wrestling with QT and QTWebkit.

Unfortunately there appears to be a mismatch between the advertised QT 4.8 RC + Webkit 2.2 features and what I've been able to actually get working.

I've been participating in a discussion on the nokia QT forum here:

and here:

and another QTWebkit user filed a bug here:

Can't wait to hear more, I'm also on a team ready to submit a game to appup, but can't because of the audio too. The game is just sitting around and is a game that really stretches the limits of html5 gaming. We were hoping to be able to start getting players by this time but we're limited. In the mean time isn't there a way to allow stuff like soundmanager2 to work, it's a go except for the local securities issue.

Can we at least have just a simple option include a flashplayertrust cfg file to allow flash to play the music? At least temporarily it would make a good fix

Common guys... you are Intel!!! :)

@AndroidZ - Hi there. HTML5 audio and video are pretty high on our list of HTML5 features to get working in encapsulator.
Right now we fairly dependent on QT WebKit release and their feature roadmap - but stay tuned.

Any update on the QTWebkit update and HTML5 audio API and File API support? Been patiently waiting for quite a while now...

We are still developing and testing the HTML 5 audio/video features. Our engineers changed the Webkit engine to Chromium to get the Audio/video support quicker. I'll provide more updates as we get closer to release.


Hello people,

The encapsulator v2.0 have some audio problems? because I can only play sounds 1 time, imposible to repeat it.

Thanks to all,

Hey! Any way to play an audio multiple times in encapsulator 2.0? It simply plays once only.

Which was the first version of Firefox to support the <canvas> element of HTML5?

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