InApp purchases using UrbanAirship, I don't get a response through the callbacks

InApp purchases using UrbanAirship, I don't get a response through the callbacks


I'm adding InApp purchases to an application bound to be added to AppUp. I already have basic store support and have just added the UrbanAirship support. I've already been able to setup a test environment and uploaded some development contents, I'm testing everything using the debug store but I'm encountering a couple of problems.

The first one is receiving a message when a content has been purchased. I see unpurchased contents, send the buy command to the API and the debug store asks me if I want to send back a "purchase ok" message. I click yes and the item gets "purchased" but I don't receive any message back to my application. I'm implementing the IProductStatusObserver interface, the ProductStatusChanged method, and I've added an observer to the product, but ProductStatusChanged doesn't get called. The content is purchased, when I refresh the contents list its status says so.What could be the problem?
The second is related to downloading and installing the content. Once it's purchased the application merely tries to download and install it so I go directly to the downloading part. And then I get this error:
2012-10-23 17:45:22.658000|INFO|5496:5268|c:\source\uagit\package2\src\appup\iaplib\downloadurlrequest.cpp:66|DownloadURLRequest body: {    "app_guid": "126b3b1b-d34c-e9c1-e8cf-990f2cda2a24",    "transaction_receipt": "<ApplicationAuthorizationSigned xmlns=\"\">\r\n\t<AuthorizedIndicator>Y</AuthorizedIndicator>\r\n\t<Token>\r\n\t\t<ApplicationGUID>126b3b1b-d34c-e9c1-e8cf-990f2cda2a24</ApplicationGUID>\r\n\t\t<ParentApplicationGUID>11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111</ParentApplicationGUID>\r\n\t\t<ChildrenCount></ChildrenCount>\r\n\t\t<ApplicationLocale>en-us</ApplicationLocale>\r\n\t\t<MachineId>93013923-DB9B-4115-A617-696EBF922852</MachineId>\r\n\t\t<DeveloperProductCode>BlueLandscapeBackground</DeveloperProductCode>\r\n\t\t<UserId>1234</UserId>\r\n\t\t<TimeStamp>\r\n\t\t\t<Created>2010-04-12 09:00:02Z</Created>\r\n\t\t\t<Expires>2012-12-31 09:00:02Z</Expires>\r\n\t\t</TimeStamp>\r\n\t</Token>\r\n\t<Signature xmlns=\"\">\r\n\t\t<SignedInfo>\r\n\t\t\
First-chance exception at 0x76d24b32 in OmmWriter.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: ua_core::ZipException at memory location 0x08d6e8e8..2012-10-23 17:45:26.363000|ERR|5496:5268|c:\source\uagit\package2\src\appup\iaplib\downloadmanager.cpp:135|An unknown error occurred downloading or decompressing product: BlueLandscapeBackground
Nothing gets downloaded AND I don't receive any message through IDownloadStatusObserver::DownloadStatusChanged neither, even though I've added the observer to the DownloadManager.

The content is uploaded to a test configuration in UrbanAirship, in fact I get the list of contents when I refresh it, but it doesn't get downloaded.


  Sergi Diaz

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