Intel AppUpp SDK for Visual Studio 2012 Pro

Intel AppUpp SDK for Visual Studio 2012 Pro

I have to submit my app as part of the AppUp Ultrabook Innovation Contest round 2 with a deadline next Wednesday Nov 21. I am new to the IDZ, so please allow for some inexperience in regards to Intel submissions.

As I understand the submission guidelines, .NET apps have to be submitted as a single MSI file. This can be created in Visual Studio 2010 and I believe I understand the process. However, I am using Visual Studio Pro 2012 (the full version - not the express version-  Became available from Micrososft about a month ago.) The procedures given for VS2010 do not work in VS2012. I have a deadline looming in a week and no way to create the MSI.

I use several of the new features in VS2012 that are a significant improvement over VS2010 and my app was written using these features unique to VS2012. I am not sure I can even build my project if I should revert back to VS2010 and replace VS2012 with the old version, just so I can produce the MSI.

To create a MSI, you apparently start a new project in your solution in VS2010 by following this path:

Solution -> Add Project -> Other Project Types -> Setup and Deployment -> Visual Studio Installer -> Setup Project

This path does not exist in VS2012. You get as far as:

Solution -> Add Project -> Other Project Types -> Setup and Deployment -------------- And here the trails dies. There no longer is an option for "Visual Studio Installer".

I will try to upload two images that illustrate the problem.

Please Help!

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VS2012 not support Windows Installer Project anymore, please use WIX.

Thanx, I need more information regarding the installation process

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