Details on licensing in the Appstore

Details on licensing in the Appstore

Hi I am wondering if there is any documentation on how the appstore licensing is going to work. Can I use it to license key enable various features, as well as my whole application? Phil Montgomery Mocana Corp
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Hello Phil,

I will ask for verification on this.

Best Regards,

Hal G.

Intel® Atom ™ Developer Program Support Team

Hi Phil,

Currently, the SDK supports licensing of applications and of components. Applications need to be licensed to run. Components must run in a licensed application. Applications must have a license to use the component. There is no nesting allowed, ie. app can't contain apps, and components.

We have some whiteboard ideas on how your scenario could work, but how do you see it working?

C.V. Vick
Architect of the SDK
Intel Corporation

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