Help on Intel Atom Z530

Help on Intel Atom Z530

Hi all, this is my first post. Sorry if i'm asking some noob questions. Currently i'm working on some embedded which is using Atom Z530 (1.6GHz) My idea was to test the execution time of my algorithm on this platform. I used the QueryPerformanceFrequency() function in "windows.h" to get the clock frequency counter for high precision. I did a trail on a Dual Core 3.6GHz and this Atom. Here are the results 1) 360019000 ~ 3.6GHz for the Dual core. 2.) 3579545 ~ 3.5MHz for the Atom Z530. I understand that Atom has this SpeedStep technology. But i disabled it in BOIS and set it to use the Maximum CPU. But i still get same frequency. May i know what am i missing out? Thanks in advance!! Jeremy
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Hello Jeremy,

I recommend to ask your question in the forums listed below as most discussions here are about the Intel® Atom™ Developer Program:

Intel® Software Network

MSDN Forums

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Andre B.

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