How to join developer program as an individual

How to join developer program as an individual

I tried to join intel developer program. But I found nowhere the place for providing individual details. It asks for only Organisation details. Can anybody tell me how to join developer program as an individual?
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Thank you for your query.

To join the program you need to be part of an organisation or have your own organisation. For payment reasons, everybody who wishes to join the program and publish applications/components on the te IADP website, has to have an organisation.

The only way you can join the program as an individual is if you register a new organisation under your name on the site. In this way you will have your own organisation and you will be able to publish as an individual for your own organisation.

Please also refer to the following forum post where I have explained this:

Kind regards,

Intel® Atom™ Developer Program Team.

DG Rooven

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