[Moblin]Building RPMs

[Moblin]Building RPMs

#1 Which is the prefered format to use for distributing applications via Intel App Store for Moblin, RPM or DEB? #2 Or do I have to provide both formats? (Documentation is not consistently) #3 What are the benefits when using the Moblin Package Creator instead of standard RPMBUILD command? #4 I guess I still have to manually write the .spec file anyway or can it be generated automatically? #5 Can I distribute executebles-only packages (without having the source included)? Alot of questions, but I'm quite new to the world of linux. /Mathias
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Hello Mathias,

please have a look at this page:

More details are on the Moblin website:

Best Regards,

Andre B.

Intel® Atom™ Developer Program

Thanks for your fast response!

However, the information provided on moblin.org does not make sense to me since I'm using Eclipse instead of the Anjuta IDE. I guess RPMBUILD is my only option.

Since packaging is a very important part of the development when deploying projects to Intel App Store, I really would like to see more information in this subject.


I think both Dell and ASUS' Moblin netbook products will only take DEB packaged apps. In other words, DEB is required if you want your apps to be installed and run at those machines.


I guess Intel should update all their document, because some documents still says that only one package (either rpm or deb) is required.


Hello All,

if you want to submit software for Mobilin please submit RPM and DEB packages. Both formats are required for submission (two packages in total).
The reason is that DEB packages are a requirement for Dell & ASUS netbooks who participate in this program.

Best Regards,

Andre B.

Intel® Atom™ Developer Program

moblin-package-creator will generate the necessary package files (both rpm and deb). I use both IDEs, and I don't think that really matter to moblin-package-creator.

moblin-package-creator is basically using the makefile. It expects to find the 'install' target within the makefile.

My application will be distributed as a binary only RPM. Is it possible to use moblin-package-creator in my case? Last time I tried to use use MPC it complained about missing .spec . I didn't know the .spec file was automatically generated by MPC and I didn't find any detailed documentation.


I am pretty new to Linux develpoment...so I don't really understand a binary only rpm.

I am assuming it means a binary built from some existing source. You intend to distribute just the binary and not the source.

If this is what you are referring to...then moblin-package-creator is the tool for the job.

Hope this helps.

>> My application will be distributed as a binary only RPM

ahh :) welcome to the problem we stumbled across. if the demand is high enough; it might be worthy of a blog entry somewhere as well. we eventually used rpmbuild for building rpm files; a spec file is a simple text file - but you need to know what goes into it ;) here is a page that was helpful for us; you need to understand how rpm's are built to efficiently write a .spec file


// Aaron Ardiri
Mobile 1UP

Hi Aaron!

The RPM build turned out to be quite simple when you understand the RPBBUILD tool and the Linux file structure. The actual problem was to find good examples and documents describing the exact procedure. The biggest problem, which may sound strange, was to find a place to put the .desktop file where it was recognized by the system, both Moblin and Ubuntu. It seems that it didn't work the way it was described in the open desktop documents.

Now my biggest concern is to make the DEB-package. It was rather simple to convert the RPM to DEB using the Alien tool, but now I have a very strange problem. The DEB-package will install just fine in Ubuntu Moblin Remix (and standard Ubuntu as well) but it will not be detected by the application manager, so I won't be able to uninstall it. Although, the old version of my program will be discovered if I try to update it with a newer version. Very strange. Since the RPM is working fine I thought the DEB package would do the same, but the Alien tool involves a lot of smoke and mirrors, so you never know what is going on during the conversion. Any clue about what might be the problem?



>> The biggest problem, which may sound strange, was to find a place to put the .desktop file where it was recognized by the system

% desktop-file-install --dir /usr/share/applications program.desktop

it will typically place the file in


this works for me under moblin and ubuntu without any problems :) do you have your categories correct/valid?

>> Since the RPM is working fine I thought the DEB package would do the same

under ubuntu; i was able to search for my package and uninstall it. not sure why you are having troubles with that. you can also try to manually remove it using the dpkg tool. it requires a bit of linux knowledge; but thats what the application manager is just a front end for.

// Aaron Ardiri
Mobile 1UP

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