Submitting Open Source Applications

Submitting Open Source Applications

Hello guys, I have some questions concerning the Atom Developer Program: 1. Is it possible to submit an open source app to the store and sell it? if yes, how? 2. I know the Java SDK for the Atom Dev Prgm is not yet ready but is it ready for Moblin? thanks
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1.) No unfortunately that model is not supported at this time
2.) The Java version of the ATOM SDK will be available "soon", and is not ready currently
3.) In the near future, most definitely

My advise to you is stick around and monitor these forums for updates. The ATOM SDK is evolving fast and right now is an exciting time to be involved.

thanks for your reply BrianDevArch, (i removed q3)
1)say I have released an app as open source in the past, and now I want to release a new version under a non-open source license. Will Intel allow me to sell it in its store?
2)Is there any way to get involved in the development of the SDK?


1) if you enhance your software you can submit it as a paid application as long as the Open Source License you have chosen before does allow that.
2) Feel free to submit SDK feedback into this forum and the SDK team might pick up some good ideas.

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