Suggestion: Auto-repair ADP Service when Store Client Starts

Suggestion: Auto-repair ADP Service when Store Client Starts

Yes, another crazy suggestion from me. ;) Reading another thread here, I got thinking about how vague an "ADP Client Not Running" error message will be to end users. Given how we do our actual testing, I'm assuming there'll be a service running in the background on end user machines. If the service isn't running, our applications will trigger the developer familiar "Oops! I forgot to start the client!" error. So, a support issue I'm anticipating (hoping to avoid) is the above. The user somehow stops the Authentication service from running. It doesn't really matter how it was stopped, but our applications are dormant without it. Now, giving a user a painstaking list of registry keys or msconfig instructions to correct this isn't really practical, so I'd like to throw out the suggestion that the Store Client check and repair this if it's not working. That way, we solve this support issue 2 ways. 1. Tell user to start the store client, and say "yes" to "repair this for me". 2. Give a better error description. "ADP Client Not Running. Please start the Intel Atom Store to fix this." That's the suggestion. Thanks, Mike Kasprzak Sykhronics Entertainment
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Hi Mike,

Thank you for the suggestions.
I will pass the information to the concerned department.


Intel® Atom™ Developer Program Team

DG Rooven

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