Apps with GPS support

Apps with GPS support

Hi, Are applications that need GPS on the netbook a fit for the app store. Let me rephrase this to make another question, is there a chance of them failing validation as the team might not be able to validate such an app. As far as i Know there is an option of GPS on Dell Mini, are there any other options? Cheers! Rohan
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Hello Rohan,

please have a chat with the Validation Team and let us know the result:

Best Regards,

Andre B.

Intel® Atom™ Developer Program

Hi Rohan,

If it's not an open-source application and you manage to get it through the provided SDK and it satisfies all the criterias for validation, I do not see any reason why it will get rejected.

The links below might also be useful:


Intel® Atom™ Developer Program Team

DG Rooven


In my review of the various articles and other documents on the site, Intel seems very keen on using built in devices on the Netbook platform. Leveraging the webcam, gps, bluetooth, etc. would be an excellent feature to include in your ATOM application. I have been surprised in how competent the testing team is, they have a very methodical process and excellent resources.

I have sent an email, will post the reply on this thread

It is a go signal from the validation team to get apps that need GPS support. They might not have a chance to check the functionality but will run though the app to check UI, collection of personal data and other related info an mentioned in the validation guidelines


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