Dependant App - need help

Dependant App - need help

Hi, The inability in submitting the olsr open source software as an independent unit i.e. not a product of our organization makes it very difficult for us to have the eBrain client as a part of the store at this moment. Olsr ( is an independent software and it is in bad faith for us to package this with our software or claim in any way that eBrain are the promoters behind this software. Apart from having a mechanism to submit olsr completely as an independent component the only other solution we can think of is if olsr is included in the Moblin Garage / repository. Other than that we would like a better understanding from the validation team as to what has failed during application setup. A detailed bug report and all steps undertaken and tests conducted would be nice. Failing this there is no way for us to figure out how to debug our software. We are extremely committed to launching our software on the Intel app store and look forward to further light on how we can resolve the issues mentioned above. In the meantime, we are currently working with the open source community and working towards launching a developer release for the community at the earliest. This will be followed with our paid version. Thanks in advance.
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Have you been successful in using the Beta test feature? If not, I am happy to help you get that working. I feel that would be your best resource at this time.

Reference URL:

Thanks for the link Brian

I'm one of the leads on the moblin port of eBrain

We would like to get the beta testing started, but We currently have a catch-22 situation with trying out the beta testing for eBrain.

eBrain relies on olsr as a dependency but there is no way to get it included, and we cannot ship it as our own component.

The plan is to try and get it inside the moblin garage.

Until then our best guess is to get a dev-release out and offer olsr as a download from our site as deb/rpm or a doc on howto compile for moblin from
We are still mulling on various options,

Any ideas you can share will be much appreciated

Erle Pereira


please try to check if you can get olsr into MeeGo. The project is currently pretty open for new ideas:

Everything else seems to be a licensing issue between olsr and your application but thats out of scope for the IADP.

Best Regards,

Andre B.

Intel® Atom™ Developer Program

Hello Andre,

Yup getting olsr onto MeeGo is a good idea considering that is where Moblin and Maemo are headed. We'll work on that.


Hello Khan,

when you get the validation result its best to reply to their message and ask for details.
You can also contact them directly here:

However you should use the Beta Testing feature first so you can see all the errors/problems:

Please be aware that the Validation Team normally doesn't monitor this forum.

Regarding olsr you are correct, they need to submit this as a component for IADP or become installed by default in Moblin.

Best Regards,

Andre B.

Intel® Atom™ Developer Program

Hi Andre,

Thank you so much for responding to the query Mr. Khan of Intel has graciously put up on behalf of the eBrain team.

To tell you a little of what we at eBrain are doing. The eBrain software aims at enabling computing and software as a shared resource. Simplistically put using the eBrain client one can run software directly off another device and use it on their own device regardless of the native architecture of the software, without needing to install it on their device. So an eBrain user (eBrainer) with a Moblin mobile phone can search out and play a game that is on the laptop of someone else at the same airport terminal or you could use your moblin netbook to search and use software that is running on a quad-core Xeon with Solaris and a terabyte of RAM.

Needless to say we feel this app is an ideal app for the sort of devices the Intel Atom processor was designed for. Thanks for pointing us to the mail id of the validation team. Hopefully we can figure out the issues they had during setup.

Maybe we can also speak to the olsr developers and see if they would like to put up olsr as part of the IADP. What would be ideal is if olsr was part of Moblin itself similar to Debian and maybe we can push on those aspects. We really don't want to publish olsr as our own component for obvious reasons (it is not our software :) ).

Ideally though I do feel that IADP should have some mechanism allowing external dependencies to be submitted as independent units. Unfortunately this is proving to be the single largest stumbling block for us to put up our software on the app store.

Thanks for your help again though.

Jatin Golani

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