Misinterpretation regarding silent uninstall

Misinterpretation regarding silent uninstall

Hello, The iADP validation team have misinterpreted a requirement related to silent uninstall and rejected some apps due to that misinterpretation. Please accept our apologies. Unfortunately due to system limitations we are not able to “undo” the rejection and need to request that you resubmit the app if you have received a Rejection for this reason. We will move these apps to top priority for retesting and get them approved asap. Again we apologize for the inconvenience we have caused you. We are still working out some kinks in our process as part of the beta and did not mean to cause confusion or extra work on your end. Thank you for your ongoing cooperation. The message, "Uninstall the application / Are you sure? / Yes-No" when uninstall is initiated is not a reason for rejection. Regards Hal G. Technical Support Team Intel® Atom™ Developer Program Intel AppUp(SM) Center
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Few questions:
Is it possible to have "Installation succesful" screen after the installation and/or uninstall?
That is because if the UI from Visual Studio is removed, you cannot perform uninstall with the installer, because it defaultly starts repair installation when it is executed and program exists already.
This can be fixed by adding finished screen to the UI, then unistaller choices become available. I haven't found any other solutions for silent installer and uninstaller.

Or how is the uninstalling handled? Game can be uninstalled from "Add or remove programs"

How about that repair / uninstall screen then, is it allowed?

Hi Tuppe,

Brian is correct.
The user should not be allowed to interfere with the installation/uninstall of an application.
Any splash screen or prompt appearing during these process will certainly cause the application to fail validation.

You can also follow the guide provided by Brian to understand the Silent Install a bit: http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/node/979

Applications install/uninstall should be done only via the AppUp(SM).


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DG Rooven

Okay, thanks for the answers.

But how does the AppUp(SM) uninstall the application exaclty? Because I have followed Brian's silent installer tutorial, but it seems that after deleting the UI the application is not uninstallable by executing the .msi again.

So if the AppUp is using Windows to uninstall the program, problem is solved.

But if AppUp is executing the application .msi again to uninstall, it will not uninstall it, but reinstall.


You cannot require the user to click on anything during the install process. Displaying any splash screens will likely result in a validation failure as well.

Any built in (OS) screens are allowed. The "are you sure you want to uninstall..." screen has been deemed part of the OS, and will pass validation.

Best of luck to you

AppUp uses the standard MSI OS Add/Remove program functionality exposed by the MSI standard as far as I know. Are you having some trouble when the AppUp application tries to uninstall your program?

To uninstall MSI by executing .msi use /uninstall command line parameter.

Should AoppUp refer to the original MSI (which I find unlikely) another alternative is to use MISEXEC:

msiexec /x AtomApp.msi

More details here on TechNet: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc759262%28WS.10%29.aspx

I haven't tested my game with AppUp yet, but if it is using Add/Remove program to uninstall my game, this is no problem.
Game is not uninstallable with the .msi isntaller, but uninstalls 100% from "Add or Remove programs" menu.

I will upload my game today to AppUp and we'll see how it goes :)

Btw. Is it possible to have those command line parameters executed throught AppUp? I think that the "/uninstall' would also solve this problem, but I don't want that users would be required to do that ;)
EDIT: /uninstall parameter doesn't seem to work for me, I will get "This patch package could not be opened" error. I submitted my game already though.


At this point the validator will either pass it or give you some very helpful feedback. Did you try beta testing this build of your application?

I cancelled my submission and sent it again to apply for beta testing, although I still couldn't unistall my application throught the .msi, the uninstall is working throught the AppUp!
Great that I got that figured out, my application is working 100% throught AppUp :)

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