Appdeveloper website needs improvement

Appdeveloper website needs improvement

(a) It is buggy. Sometimes you click the 'Next' (or whatever) button and the next page loads, but there is nothing in it. You have to hit the browser refresh button to get it to load. (b) Generally it is slow, and makes the browser sluggish. (c) I had an app that was rejected. I had a beta test going on for that app and I submitted it, afterwards it got rejected. Now I want to remove beta testers (so I can invite them again). I tried again and again to remove the beta testers, but I can't.
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I just replicated your report and removed all Beta Testers from my test applications. This worked fine.
The speed of the website from my office is fine and I use the same webserver as we all.

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I just verified the Dashboard speed from two US locations and one Australian location and it appears as responsive as usual. Have you tried from a different computer?

The issue (c) seems to have resolved itself! I am able to remove beta testers now.
I don't know what the 'normal speed' of this website is, but it is certainly slower compared to any other websites I tend to visit. Maybe its an issue only for those of us in India - I don't know.

It could definitely be your ISP, I tried from Bangor a moment ago without any slow speed detected. Are you using the latest IE or Firefox browser?

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