Disqualification of Developer Challenge Contest Entry

Disqualification of Developer Challenge Contest Entry

Recently Intel announced a $10,000 award to DJView Reader as part of the Atom Developer Challenge. Soon after, a very responsive reader alerted us that the award may be a violation of a GPL open source license, as this app closely resembles the open source application DjVulibre conceived by Yann LeCun, Léon Bottou.

We’ve included the comment again since it was deleted when the contest entry was removed:

fantastic app but wrong author

Posted On: 10 June 2010 15:10:27

Profshodoko (not verified)

The author of this app is not Mahmoud Galal, but Leon Bottou, who is the maintainer of DjVuLibre and the DjView application, which you can download from http://djvu.sf.net

Galal merely removed the logos from the original creators of the app, changed the content of the "about", and packages it for the Intel AppUp center.

There is nothing wrong with Galal packaging the app for the AppUp center and distributing it for free, since Leon's original app is under the GPL, open source license. But there is everything wrong with mearly changing the name o the authors, and pockeitng $10,000 of undeserved prize money from Intel.

Upon our own review of the application we find credibility in the reader’s claim that this is a distribution of the open source reader DJVulibre. We notified the developer of our intent to disqualify his entry and requested proof of ownership via a source code review. The developer denied providing source code but has agreed to remove his entry from the contest and removed his application from the AppUp store.

Due to this action, Intel has removed content and communication regarding the award to DJView Reader on http://appdeveloper.intel.com, and existing entries in this category have been moved forward for our overall best application category

We regret what has transpired and for all parties, yet we are encouraged by the cooperation of our community in bringing this to our attention. With regard to future submissions and contests our policies remain unchanged. We require that developers state the nature of any licenses their applications are under.

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