What is Installed Base of Intel AppUp client ? What are approx downloads per month ?

What is Installed Base of Intel AppUp client ? What are approx downloads per month ?

Hi People, I have some questions:- 1. What is Installed Base of Intel AppUp client ? 2. What are approx downloads per month ? 3. How many downloads does most downloaded app get ? 4. what is approximate transaction volume per month on Intel Appup Appstore ? Got various free and paid apps in Appstore-- but download counts seem very low (mostly less than 20)-- I am assuming that the installed base of Intel appup Appstore client is very less (less than 5000) users-- is this assumption correct ? If low installed base-- then to us developers, intel actually doing a full rollout and increasing installed base is by far the most important. What say ? Best Regards, NS
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Hi Nalin,

Thank you for your query.

Most of the questions you asked, I am not sure these figures are available publicly.
In general, via your dashboard you should be able to see the number of downloads for the applications that you have developed. More details about downloads, reviews will be available via your dashboard and via the financial reporting in the future when this feature is made live: http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/dashboard/financialreporting

I will check this with the marketing/legal department regarding the questions you asked about the figures and get back to you.

The AppUp(SM) Center is still in beta cycle and there are many more features that will be brought to the client in the future that will definitely boost the number of users/consumers downloading and buying applications. Since it's first release there has been a considerable increase in the number of people using the store as well as many more applications being developed and approve by the validation team.


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