Hi, I'm not far off finishing my game now using DarkGDK and I was wondering whether the use of PhysX will be a problem for me when it comes to submit? I do have other options but there are lots of advantages for me to stick with PhysX. I have done a search but can't find any information on this topic and any info would be welcomed. Thanks. Matty.
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At the time, my project was using GDK but I came across a mountain of issues relating to everything being compiled with different settings, so I switched to Irrlicht. From what I can tell the only currently supported physics wrapper for it is based around ODE, so I'm currently using that.

Thank you for the feedback, please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Just an update for future reference.
PhysX 2.8.4 does not need system software to be shipped(installed) with your game, I have updated to this newer version so I dont see any reason PhysX cant be used for Appup applications/games.

I am submitting my game in the next couple of weeks, if there are any PhysX related issues I will post back but hopefully thats the end of the matter :).

Thank you for the details Jovian. Have you tested on a clean install of Windows to verify the lack of dependencies? This is excellent news.

I am working on a dbPro game using Dark Physics (a wrapper for an older version of PhysX). I am guessing I'll need to use the method Brian suggested of having an additional installer run the first time the game is played. I'll post the results if it works both here and on TGC forums.


That approach should apply in your case as well. Please do share your validation results.

请问英特尔的集显支持nviDIA physx吗?
Do the intel HD Graphics Family support the NVIDIA Physx?


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the answer to your question is yes it does.

my question, will the intel allow physX to work on ultra books

OK, I will presume there are no known issues. TGC are helping people submit their games and I thought I read that you could not use their PhysX plugin, Dark Physics. This must be a constraint TGC applied and not appup. As it happens, I don't use Dark Physics, I use raw PhysX so I have complete control over any issues that may arise.


There are many developers pushing the limits of what may be submitted to AppUp. The general rule is that so long as you conform to the Validation and Packaging Guidelines, your application/game should pass validation. Be prepared for the validation teams feedback should an issue occur, they are quite easy to work with as this process has had some time to be improved. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Thanks for your replies Brian and Cemal.
The big issue with using PhysX is the fact that the user needs the PhysX runtimes on their machine, my game will not use hardware acceleration so there is no issue about having the correct graphics cards(NVIDIA). The runtimes can be downloaded freely from the NVIDIA website(32MB) or I may be able to use an installer, anyway I hope this is not an issue.
I look forward to some more information Cemal, thank you for your time.

An earlier version of my current project used PhysX but one major issue I encountered was that the PhysX driver installer uses MSI, and Windows' MSIExec can only run one installer at a time. This means you cannot run the PhysX installer during your software installer, and I believe the PhysX licence states you can't redistribute it without the installer(been a while since I read it). And unless it's been changed, the Appup Store requires a single MSI, so you can't use some other installer as a stub to run them sequentially; your best bet is probably to install in 2 stages, that is, have the first run of your program run the PhysX installer, or once the installer finishes you can run some other program that then runs the PhysX installer. There might be some way to properly chain the MSIs together, but I was unable to do this in my attempts using WIX.


One simple (and common) method to handle this scenario is to treat the additional MSI as content when your application is installed. Then upon first execution of your application you may check to see whether this dependency is installed and launch the MSI if needed. Be sure to alert the user that your application requires this additional library and provide the usual user experience. Please let me know if you have any trouble.

Thanks for your replies.
@Darkcoder - Good to hear from you, you may have already guessed that I am mattyhalewood from the TGC forum, would be interested to know if you are still working on your appup project and what physics solution you are now using, if any.

@Brian - That sounds pretty straight forward, thats what I will do and I will post back here with any more info that may help future PhysX dependant developers. Another way would be to open the users browser on the NVIDIA download site if they need the system software, I think this is what TGC's Dark Physics does, it would be good to know if you think this is an option.



"Another way would be to open the users browser on the NVIDIA download site if they need the system software"

Please remember that this may not be done during the install process. The Validation Guidelines state that the MSI install must be silent, presenting no dialogue boxes.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Great to see you paving the way for other Physx developers on AppUp.

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