Hello everyone, I have searched through the FAQ's, the Intel Atom Developer Program Software Development Kit Beta 2 Release Notes and a few relevant looking articles. However I am still unsure if the process of using the SDK is only smooth if you are using Visual Studio 2008. What I really mean is, is there a list of compilers that can and can't be used ? or is this just a situation where each case can be worked around differently! Any direction pointing or views much appreciated. Colin
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Currently the only supported IDE for the Windows OS is Visual Studio 2008. This is per Intel documentation and guidelines.

Now let's look outside the box and at our developer community:

As developers we all have our comfort zone, whether it is a Unity gaming platform, Eclipse IDE with Java, or Advanced Installer. What this means is that developers of all types want in on the AppUp opportunity, and Intel is not going to stop them. While Intel will not support all of these alternate IDE's they will not deny an application that meets the Validation Guidelines. There are plenty of apps in AppUp that have been made using alternate ID's and programming languages, the developers went the extra mile to beta test their submissions to ensure they would pass the validation requirements.

The best resource for these cases is right here, the forums and articles on the community website.

More to your question; Taking the alternate road may not be as smooth, but it is surely rewarding and you have thousands of resources here to help.

Hi there Brian,

Excellent, okay well explained. The bigger picture is somewhat clearer for me now. I am an account manager for EMEA based in Barcelona and have just started with the IADP and AppUp store recruitment project.
I am finding the articles and forum posts very useful indeed and thank you for your help.

Regarding my query with compiler compatability:

So no matter what the initial platform is it's always a case of meeting the validation guidelines with the aid of the developer community here on the forums.

Which I guess leaves the whole community of young and old developers out there open for me to approach, good news.

Thanks again

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